When weatherizing existing homes and new commercial construction, spray polyurethane foam insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Foam insulation is used to fill gaps, cracks, and other problem areas that lead to heat loss. It air seals and insulates, making it easy to fix these heat loss problems along with keeping unwanted bugs and animals out. Not only is foam insulation one of the most effective ways to weather-proof your home, but it’s also cost effective and helps save on energy bills. Insulating your home could qualify you for utility rebates, tax credits, and green certification.

Do you feel a draft any time you pass by a door or window? Foam insulation is the ideal solution for residential and commercial buildings alike. For homes, attics and basements are typically the coldest areas in the house. This is usually because of poor insulation. Having the correct type of insulation for each area of your home is essential to keep warm during those harsh Erie, PA winters. As for business owners, foam insulation is a great way to keep costs low, which is obviously essential for maximizing profits. Contact Permco Contracting today for quality foam insulation services.

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Foam Insulation Erie, PA
"THE U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY ESTIMATES (FOR ALL INSULATION) THAT HOMEOWNERS who air seal and insulate their homes can save up to 20% of heating and cooling costs
(or up to 10% total energy costs). (Source: Energy Star)
SPF resists heat transfer better than many other insulation materials, with R-values typically in the range of 3.5 - 6.5 per one inch of thickness. R-value is a term used to rate an insulation's ability to resist conductive heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation's ability is to reduce conductive heat flow.

Because SPF insulation minimizes air infiltration, it assists in preventing moisture vapor from entering and escaping the home, which in turn reduces the load on heating and cooling systems.”

Foam Insulation Erie, PA


Featuring 3# Closed Cell Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Insulation
  • Durable, sustainable, long-term roof solution
  • Custom-designed, seam-free foam barrier easily corrects damaged substrate and/or poor drainage
  • Eliminates condensation
  • “Green” system is environmentally friendly
  • Offers an impressive insulation value of R-6 per inch
  • Adds structural strength without adding much weight
  • Can be applied to most existing roof surfaces
  • Withstands hurricane-force winds
  • Is fast and easy to repair or recoat
Foam Insulation Erie, PA
For Basements, Studded Wall Cavities, Rafters, Attics, New Construction
  • Eliminates air infiltration – the number one cause of energy loss
  • Offers an impressive insulation value of R-6.6 per inch
  • Adds structural strength
  • Will not absorb water due to foam’s closed-cell insulation properties
  • Reduces heating and air conditioning size
  • Impedes entry of unwanted insects and pests
  • Minimizes air infiltration that can generate condensation and result in mold growth
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